Company Profile

Garodia Group of Companies initiated in 1982 comprises of Garodia Distributors, New Garodia Distributors and Garodia Pharma

Garodia Distributors is a partnership firm established in the year 1982 as a pharmaceutical distribution company. It was formed with an intention of providing wellness to the township of Mira Bhayandar, a well known suburb of Mumbai. Founder of Garodia Distributors Mr. Bhavanishankar Agarwal had a vision of serving the people to make them healthy and gain their blessings to be a prominent leader in healthcare services. He extended his partnership to Mr. Shivkumar Agarwal, Mr. Bhavik Agarwal & Ms. Sarita Agarwal so that even they can contribute to make a healthy nation.

Our sister concern, New Garodia Distibutors is a proprietory firm and Proprietor Mr. Bhavanishankar Agarwal had formed this company in the year 2016 to extend the healthcare services to maximum people within Mumbai.

We are also into CFA of GUFIC BIOSCIENCES and CONCEPT PHARMACEUTICAL for all over Maharashtra in the name of Garodia Pharma since 1991.